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Private beach - Korčula Apartments

Private beach belonging to Bačić guest house is nly 5m away from the front yard.The very sea shore has been adapted (terraced ako to prilagođena znaći da je popločana) for pleasant moments spent enjoying sun and sea. Some parts of the beach are protected from blazing sun by the shade of tall pine trees which is an ideal replacement for sun block creams.

Warm summer moments filled with cricket song and lovely sea breeze that bring the scent of pine trees is the most relaxing but also romantic scenery for your dream holiday away from the crowd.

Beautiful sea shore easily accessible and shallow sea by the shore is ideal for older people, children and inexperienced swimmers. Surf boards are usually very popular with the children and we have the available for all our dear guests.

The beach is also the most romantic spot in the evening when you can enjoy the explosion of colours of the most spectacular sunsets. You can enjoy night swimming or have a party with some friends.

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